Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Muhammed hates fundamentalists too...

Some points to accompany this cartoon;
1) Nowhere in the Qu'ran does it state you can't show a picture of Muhammed.
2) South Park wasn't insulting Muhammed, it was insulting - if anyone - itself (or maybe modern celebrity culture).
3) I don't care what people fucking say, religion is not an excuse to do shit. It's important to you, it ain't important to me!!!
4) There is never an excuse to kill someone - jihad is a made up concept.
5) If a system of belief expressly prohibits questioning of that belief, then it's senseless brainwashing shit. I don't believe this of Islam, but neither do I believe this of Christianity, and look at the Pope!!
6) I don't understand politics, and I'm not really very good at satire, but I do believe in freedom of speech and the right to express myself.
7) If you don't like it, don't fucking watch/read it!
8) Yes, I'm aware I misspelt "fundamentalists" - I'm dyslexfjnfwoejnf.

Lossie Days 6

The Story so far...

Here we have the Lossie Days archive, originally hosted on
It's been a while... the comic is a sequel to a comic I did called Hopeman Days.
Both are attempts to express myself "artistically" and therefore not take a shotgun and blow myself away.