Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Avengers UK Commentary

God Damn You, Disney! And God Damn You Tesco!

It seems that the UK release of The Avengers (I'm not calling it by that shitty other title) on DVD and Blu-Ray don't have the Joss Whedon commentary track. Apparently it was recorded too late to include on our discs. So why does Tesco have it down as including the track? Because they're useless c*nts. They got it wrong, and no one there apparently has the ability to EDIT A WEB PAGE!!!

And big companies wonder why people illegally download. Okay, it's usually greed and criminality, but in some cases its to get a sense of fairness. Well, I shall be attempting to get hold of the commentary without paying extra for it, and I hope I do not have to resort to illegal means.


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