Sunday, April 19, 2009

B-boys and Gaga Girls (A Sunday Rant)

The world is an interesting place - there are probably a thousand people in each British county who can do what Lady Gaga does - hell, i could probably do it with enough surgery and hair dye, and yet she's rich, successful and is talking about her next ten albums. I've just watched a documentary about 'B-boys', the new 'hip' name for breakdancers - they're virtually illiterate, aggressive, and i'm pretty sure I've seen some of them on America's most wanted list, but they can throw themselves around with the grace and skill of a Soviet gymnast. They can do things that I'd NEVER be able to do, even with surgery, training and a ball-hugging leotard. And yet all they get is a shitty documentary on T4! Sometimes I think there's so much stupidity in the world, I just can't take it.

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