Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Volvic Challenge (A Sunday Rant)

I've just watched an advert for volvic, which introduces something called 'the volvic 14 day challenge'. It goes something like this; drink voltic for 14 days and you'll feel marvellous. It then goes on to show some photos of a man doing some regular guy stuff. It ends with him playing baseball and telling all of us slovenly wastrels how great he feels. Now, I know this is just an advert, but even so, WHAT A BUNCH OF PATRONIZING BASTARDS! Now, this guy says he feels great - but he's seen playing baseball with a fairly worn in glove and with people who the connotation suggests are also 'sports guys'. He's clearly a fairly fit fellow! Who are they trying to convince?! Now, if they'd got that 50 Stone guy from Arkansas to drink Volvic for a fortnight, and he ended up representing America at the Olympics - then, I'd drink nothing else!! But the message as it is... Drink water... Try selling me something else, buddy.

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